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A Guide to Happy Renting

  • Rent
  • During my Tenancy
  • Ending Tenancy & Deposits
  • Post
  • Bins
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment
  • Connectivity
  • Complaints
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How do I pay my rent?

All rents are due on the first on the month. The best way to pay rent is to set up a direct debit, which we will call for each month. You can also pay by standing order or debit card. If the first of the month falls on a weekend of bank holiday if paying by debit card you must pay your rent on the banking day before.

What if my rent is late?

Rent is always due by the 1st of each month. If the 1st falls on a weekend rent must be paid prior to this. Late rent results in a fine of £25.00 per week. We advise all tenants to set up direct debit for rent payment to avoid such charges. Charges will also be applied for any bounced cheques or direct debits.

We will automatically send out a notice to quit if rent is late which means that if the rent is not paid in full within 28 you may face eviction from the property. We will also contact your guarantor and inform them that you have not paid your rent and that they may be liable for any outstanding monies and costs incurred due to you breaking your tenancy agreement.

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During my Tenancy

Why do I need contents insurance?

Under most circumstances the landlord is not responsible for your personal property.

It is important that you have tenants insurance to cover your belongings in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

Property People have partnered with Avril @ 4 U Financial Services on 028 9145 6262 - 96 Dufferin Avenue, Bangor, Co Down BT20 3AD to offer contents insurance to our tenants, at a competitive rate.

What do I do if I lose my key?

It is important that you take care of your entrance keys. Occasionally, you may find yourself locked out of your home or need replacement keys.

NOTE: If this occurs out of hours there will be a call out charge of up to £40.

What if a replacement key is required?

Dependent on the key type, in some instances it may take up to 2 weeks to have a registered key replaced.

NOTE: The cost of this replacement is £35.00 (each key)

What if I am having a problem concerning with a neighbour?

It is important to try and get along with your neighbours. If you have a problem or concern with a neighbour it is usually best to try to resolve the problem amongst yourselves. Of course if you are unable to resolve the problem feel free to contact Property People or the local authorities.

Can I make changes or improvements to the leased premises such as painting or landscaping?

We often welcome your improvements to your residence and yard. We ask kindly that you check with us first before making any changes. Changes or improvements to your home must be documented and most will receive verbal approval. However some changes or alterations to the property will require written consent.

It is important to read the lease thoroughly and ask questions about anything that you may not understand.

Below are some additional important guidelines to follow:

  • It is important to keep the leased premises in a clean, sanitary and safe condition.
  • Please make sure that rubbish is disposed of correctly as to avoid any pest control problems.
  • Make sure to check the batteries in the smoke detectors periodically to ensure the safety of your family.
  • Candles are not recommended therefore please be careful not to leave a lit candle unattended.
  • Do not give or loan your entrance key or code to anyone not listed on the lease.
  • Be considerate of your neighbours.
Holidays & Winter Heating

If the property will be completely unoccupied for more than 14 days at any one time, you must let us know in writing. This may affect the landlords building and contents insurance, and we may need to take additional steps to secure the property. During winter months (nov-march) your heating should be left on a constant setting, at a minimum of 5 degrees, to avoid burst pipes.

Smoking Policy

All our properties operate a non-smoking policy. Any damage caused by tenants or tenants visitors who smoke in the property, such as damage, repainting or specialist cleaning, maybe deducted from your deposit

Ventilation, Condensation & Mould

It is a tenant's responsibility to take reasonable steps to deal with condensation and ensure that the property is being heated and ventilated throughout. Condensation will not usually occur in areas that are both well ventilated and warm. In cold weather, people are understandably reluctant to open windows and let heat escape, but some level of effective ventilation must be maintained. Property must also be heated in order to help keep condensation levels at a minimum. Wipe and remove any condensation regularly, especially around windows to avoid a mould build up.

  • Always use extractor fans and open any windows in bathrooms and kitchens whilst carrying out any cooking, washing or drying activities. Leave fans on and windows open until the visible steam has left the air.
  • Always place lids on saucepans during cooking and turn the heat down as required.
  • If you are unable to dry washing outside or in a properly ventilated dryer, choose a room that can be heated and ventilated safely and shut it off from the rest of the home.
  • Never dry clothes over doors or on radiators.
  • Keep furniture away from walls where possible.
  • Keep a small window ajar and any window trickle vents (small vent at the top of the double glazed units) open.
  • Keep any room vents open.
  • Ensure the heating system is set to constant and maintaining heat at 5 degrees over winter, especially if the property is unoccupied.

If unsure how to use the heating system in your property:

  • Read the instructions
  • Search for advice online
Window Cleaning

It is your responsibility to make sure that your windows are regularly cleaned inside and out.

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Ending Tenancy & Deposits

How do I end my tenancy?

If you wish to end your tenancy you must provide us with your 28 days notice in writing. We have provided you with this in this book. You can only give your notice at the end of the tenancy term (usually 12 months). We will confirm the receipt of your notice and write out to you informing you of your final inspection date. On the day you move out please ensure that all keys are returned to the office dealing with your property and provide a forwarding address.

What if I need to end my tenancy early?

Should a tenancy agreement be broken during its term, a tenant is liable for loss of deposit and rent up until the point of a new tenant found. Should tenant find a replacement a fee of £199+ VAT is deducted from deposit and if a new tenant is required a fee of £399.00 + VAT is deducted from deposit. Also any on going costs that maybe liable under the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement ie cleaning, change of locks or damages.

How will I get my security deposit back?

Your property will be inspected after you leave by the Property Manager. Deductions may be made from your deposit to cover rent arrears, breakages, repairs cleaning, damage caused to fixtures and fittings, non-returned keys (leading to locks changes or additional security keys) and replacement items from the inventory. To make sure you get as much of your deposit back as possible you should:

  • Ensure your rent is paid up to date, as any arrears may be taken from your deposit
  • Attend to all cleaning required
  • Ensure all items listed on inventory are present and in good condition and in the original location
  • Advise the utility companies - gas and electric
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Should tenancy end - Re-Direction of Post

We would ask that all tenants us Royal Mails Re-direction system, as agents/new tenants can not collect nor be held responsible for loss of mail.

This is a tenants responsibility at end of tenancy.

Use the following e-address for re-direction:

Redirect Post >
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What happens if my black bin is lost of stolen?

All tenants will be provided with a black wheelie bin at the start of the tenancy. It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that the bin is left out and brought back into the property at the appropriate times therefore if the black bin is lost or stolen it is the tenants responsibility to replace it.

Report a problem with your bin

You can report a:

  • Missed bin collection
  • Lost, stolen or burnt bin
  • Damaged bin
  • Bin spillage
  • Bin wasn't returned to its collection point
Missed bin collection

If you think the council have missed your bin, please call them as soon as possible so they can investigate. If appropriate, they will arrange another collection.

They may not have collected your bin because:

  • It wasn't left out on time. Leave your bin out by 7am and keep it out until 8pm if it hasn't been collected.
  • You've put the wrong materials in your bin.
  • your collection is on a public holiday when collection times change. See holiday bin collections.
  • Your bin was too heavy.
  • It had no lid or the lid was not fully closed.
  • Our bin lorry has broken down.
  • Bad weather stopped us collecting your bin.

To report a missed bin collection phone 028 9027 0230

Lost Bins

If you lose your bin we can check to see if it can be tracked down. 

To report a lost bin phone 028 9027 0230

Stolen or burnt bin

If you think your bin has been stolen, please contact the police. If it has been stolen or burnt as a result of antisocial behaviour, you may be entitled to a new bin free of charge.

You will need a PSNI reference number to order a new bin. Once you get this number, select the burnt or stolen option in the order a new bin online form.

If you need help, please phone 028 9027 0230

Damaged bin

If you think your bin has been damaged by one of the Council lorries, the Council can investigate further.

To report a damaged bin phone 028 9027 0230

If you think your bin has been deliberately damaged or vandalised you should report it to the police. 

If the bin can't be used because of the damage you'll need to order a new bin. You will need a PSNI reference number to order a new bin. Once you get this number, select the burnt or stolen option in the order a bin online form.

Bin Spilage

To report a bin spillage on your street or entry phone 028 9027 0230

Bin wasn't returned to its collection point

If you report that your bin hasn't been returned to its collection point, the council will try and return it to you within one working day.

To report a bin that hasn't been returned to its collection point phone 028 9027 0230

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Fire Safety Risk Assessment

We would ask all tenants when entering the property to consider the following points:
  • All tenants to be aware of the location of fire exits
  • To know the location of all fire blankets and extinguishers
  • Prepare a fire escape route
  • Ensure all emergency lighting is working and report to repairs line immediately
  • Be aware of all signs and notices, should any be removed please report to repairs
  • The landlord will provide all fire protection equipment and installation we ask all tenants to maintain this and do not damage or remove
  • All internal doors must remain closed and never be left open

It is your responsibility to check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, were applicable, on a monthly basis and change batteries, when required. If the property is a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), tenants must also keep a record of these checks.

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Telephone / Broadband / Television

As a tenant you are responsible for any telephone/television/broadband connections. If you have a TV in your property, whether your own or part of the inventory, it is your responsibility to purchase a TV licences

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If I am not happy with the service provide by property people how can I complain?

Property people value your feedback especially if you feel that you have not received a satisfactory service. Please put any complaints in writing to:

Complaints department,
Property people,
7 Atlantic Avenue,
BT15 2HN

We want you to be happy in your home and welcome any suggestions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your home.

We really appreciate having you as one of our tenants and hope that you will enjoy your new home.

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Gas Supply

What do I need to do?

Upon renting property we would ask that if a gas or electric card is provided by previous tenants, that you do not use and contact the relevant companies and register your details with them.

Initially they will ask for a meter number or post code of the property, they will ask for personal details to process your new account, they will also give you details/numbers over the phone to buy electric or gas over the counter then within 7-10 days a new card will be provided.

Gas Meter Guides

Libra 110 Gas Meter Natural Gas PAYG Meter
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What do I need to do?

Upon renting property we would ask that if a gas or electric card is provided by previous tenants, that you do not use and contact the relevant companies and register your details with them.

Initially they will ask for a meter number or post code of the property, they will ask for personal details to process your new account, they will also give you details/numbers over the phone to buy electric or gas over the counter then within 7-10 days a new card will be provided.

Topping Up
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Useful Contacts

  • Property People (North Belfast) 028 907 47300
  • Property People (South Belfast) 02890 240010
  • Property People
  • Property People
  • Property People repairs 07435780115
  • NI electricity 08457 455 455
  • Power NI 03457 455 455
  • Phoenix Gas 0845 900 5253
  • Airtricity (Electricity customers) 0345 601 9093
  • Airtricity (Gas customers) 0345 900 5253
  • City council bulky waste 028 902 70230
  • Housing benefit 028 903 17000
  • Advice NI 028 906 45919
  • Housing Rights Service 028 902 45640
  • North Belfast Advice 028 907 46665
  • N.I Water Board 08457 440088
  • Virgin Interactive 01415348715 (quote Scheme No.35311)
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