Complete a deep home clean

With summer around the corner, it calls for a big home clean. Grab that mop and bucket, blast your favourite summertime songs, and get cleaning. When home cleaning, you want to ensure it is completed efficiently. We suggest starting at the highest level of each room and working your way down, allowing all the dust to fall and not be missed, creating an efficient and effective clean. By completing this big home clean, you’ll be able to inspect your property closer for potential winter-related damage or damp.
As the seasons shift, the weather drastically changes and affects your home more than you think. It is common for mould to thrive in increased temperatures and humidity, so to prevent this from occurring, keep your home well-ventilated with windows open and fresh air circulating. Houseplants are also a great way to reduce moisture in rooms, as most of them absorb dampness in the air through their leaves. Having indoor plants creates a fresh, summery feel throughout rooms.

Summer finishes

When preparing your home for summer, it's important to match your décor to the current season. With just a few tweaks, you can easily change the seasonal mood within your home and bring summer indoors. The colour palette of summer is full of light, soft, pastel shades that bring a refreshed feel to any room. Produce these colours throughout your home by simply swapping out cushion covers, throws, rugs, or even artwork, replacing the moodier, darker colours. As we creep out of the cooler months and it begins to get warmer, it's time to pack away the winter duvets and swap them out for thin linen sheets and pillows, creating a cooler, easier sleep at night.

Transform your garden into a summer oasis

Us Brits spend as much of our time outside in the sun as we can, so it’s always best to ensure you have prepared your garden for the company it will receive. The main focus of any garden is the grass, so let’s perfect it. You can’t host social barbeques and family game days on terrible grass. An easy route to getting luscious green grass is by sprinkling grass seed all over your lawn. This makes your grass appear full, fresh, and green. Once your lawn starts growing, it’s good to keep on top of the rapid growth with a weekly trim.
Planting beautiful flowers will bring character and colour to your garden, guaranteeing compliments from family and friends. If you're not much of a gardener but would still like to hear these praises, don't worry; just toss some wildflower seed mix into your flower beds. Keep them watered every day, and you will have a beautiful, blooming garden.