Finding your perfect housemate, Is like searching for your soul mate.

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14th October 2016

Finding your perfect housemate, Is like searching for your soul mate.

There's no tiptoeing around it - when it comes to housing, we're kind of screwed. Not only do new statistics suggest that home ownership has fallen to its lowest level for over two decades but UK rents are now the highest in Europe – (Glamour magazine Uk) meaning we're more likely than ever to look for a housemate. But no one wants to find out down the line that they've shacked up with messy partier/secret hoarder.


First Time Living Together…. Exciting but confusing.

Who is going to clean the toilets, who’s turn is it to go to top up the gas?

Who owns the crusty socks behind the sofa?

Who has created all the dirty dishes?

Who has invited all these people to your home at 2am and why? As I have to go to work early in the morning.

Are your work hours different? Could your housemate possibly be spending more time at home? Maybe this could cause tension as they could be bunking up the bills by watching more television than you or using the heating a lot more than expected.


Your Money, My Money our Money???

Are you good with bills and money? This is important as you need to budget, manage and afford your daily routine every month yet still have money to spend on things for personal use.

It may be a good idea to sit and make a budget with your housemate for monthly spending on things. Who buys the toilet roll and who pays cleaning stuff?

If one person finds they are spending more than the other the resentment sets in and this is when the fall out begins.


The Fall Out!

It sounded wonderful at the start to live with your best friend but in hindsight did you really know them that well? Next time you will know better.


The Denial Stage

There’s no such thing as a dirty lazy flat mate…. if you are thinking this then its PROBABLY YOU!

If only you had been a bit more helpful/considerate around the house then it would not have came to this stage


The Final Stage - Separation

Like all bad relationships you will end up in court..Small Claims Court!!

And it is usually the guarantor who takes the financial

brunt of your fallout.


Choose wisely.