Belfast City Council will now manage the delivery of the scheme on behalf of all local councils. This is no longer managed by the NIHE. 

All new HMOs must have planning permission and building control approval; an application will not be processed if the property does not have either of these approvals.

Anyone considering developing a HMO or converting an existing property into a HMO must apply for planning permission to do so.

All HMO landlords must make sure that the accommodation they provide is safe, of good quality, and has suitable facilities for the number of occupants by making sure that:

all safety and maintenance certificates are valid and kept up to date (gas annually)electrics and electrical appliances are safe, maintained and in proper working order at all times (electric 5 yearly)stairways and escape routes are maintained free from obstructionscarbon monoxide alarm is installedchimneys and flues cleaned annuallyinspection records and tests are maintainedfurniture is kept in a safe condition and proper working ordersecurity arrangements are in placeheating is provided throughout living accommodationthe property has an Energy Performance Certificate with a minimum E rating for energy efficiency.


HMO Landlords must also give tenants an information pack (in alternative languages or formats if appropriate) which includes: 

a copy of the HMO licencecopies of the current gas certificate, electrical safety report and energy performance certificatesadvice on reporting anti-social behaviourlist of tenant duties and responsibilitiescontact telephone numbers, including an emergency out of hours contact numberemergency information (this must also be display emergency information clearly and prominently in the accommodation).  Property People should be furnished with all the above certificates by Landlords to enable us to provide tenants with this information when they are beginning their tenancy. If landlords do not supply us with this information we may need to instruct certification to be completed due to not having documentation to move tenants in.