Return of Deposits

Estate Agents

7th August 2012

It is estimated that tenants lose on average £367,000,000 per year, due to deposits being withheld as a result of damage to the property.  

The general reason for deposit monies being retained is largely due to cleaning costs, which attributes to 37%.  Damage to curtains and carpets accounts for 21% of deposits being withheld and damage to the paintwork and marks on the walls totals at 19%.  Poor garden maintenance may also be cause for a deposit to be retained and this accounts for 13% of deposits being withheld.

Here at Property People, we like to treat our tenants with a fair and reasonable approach.  We would kindly remind all our tenants that are leaving properties this year to leave them in a clean and tidy manner and attempt to have fixed anything which you may have broken, this will help accommodate the return of your deposits more efficiently.  To our new tenants, we would remind you to keep the property within a good state of repair throughout the year in order to ensure that your full deposit is returned at the end of your tenancy.