Spruce up the garden and see the benefits when it comes to SELL!!!!

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11th May 2016

Spruce up the garden and see the benefits when it comes to SELL!!!!


Summer is here!!!!!!


5 Ways in Making your garden presentable ready to sell your house


Essentially it's up to you whether or not you improve your garden when selling your house. Think of it kind of like an investment: if you spend a few hundred pounds on getting your garden looking great there's a chance that viewings will be much more frequent than they would be if your garden looks like a jungle. If your house has a front garden then it's even more important to ensure that it's attractive and tidy - if people can't see beyond the garden to see your house, why on earth would they want to view it?

You don't have to go blowing lots of money on a garden DIY spree - the most important thing is just do a bit of tidying up to make sure it doesn't look messy. Here are five great pieces of DIY that everyone can do in order to make their garden look more presentable


Gardens are often the first and last thing that people look at when it comes to buying a home, so make sure you put all of your garden DIY skills into practice to ensure that your garden looks neat and tidy.


First Impressions – First impressions count for everything. Get the windows professionally cleaned and replace the worn out door mat so prospective buyers aren’t put off before they have even walked through the front door. Kerb appeal is crucial.


Gardens – Does your garden look like a jungle??? If so, cut and trim back all bushes and grass areas,


Power hosing - Pressure wash paving slabs: Paving slabs often come up a treat when you spend a little time pressure washing them down - make sure you do this, as it can add a lot of colour to your garden as well as making it look smarter.


Tidy up the borders: Your borders don't need to be full of plants, but they do need to look neat and tidy. Pull out all of the old weeds and plant a few token shrubs to make your garden a little more pleasing on the eye.


Fencing – Add a spot of colour to your fencing, this can  add a beautiful contrast to the colours of your garden too.


Take advantage of your local garden centres and enjoy the summer sun.