Change the hardware

If your kitchen is in need of a few finishing touches, updating your hardware is a cheap and easy way to transform the space. Give your cabinets some personality by updating the knobs and pulls with quirky and ornate models that bring a whole new lease on life to the space.

Create a mood board
Contrive a spot for creativity in your room or home office with an arrangement of pictures, postcards and magazine cutouts. Design with whatever inspires you. For example, you could use your mood board to reflect the season, your lifestyle, or any projects you're currently working on. Mood boards give the room a glowing personal touch while also creating an attractive focal point.

Display statement art

Oversized, eye-catching, and abstract artwork is a great way to showcase your personality and keep something that speaks to you close by. Choose areas of the home which could benefit from a pop of colour, such as a dark corner or an empty alcove. A punchy piece of art will really liven up the space and remove any sense of dullness.

Hang a pet portrait
Pay homage to your pet with a framed portrait capturing their furry or scaly likeness. You can commission a local artist or search online for any particular art style you like. Whether it’s a soft watercolour painting, a funny caricature, or a hyper-realistic rendering, hanging a pet portrait is a great way to make yourself at home.

Vintage finds

Scour charity shops, car boot sales, and online marketplaces for unique vintage items that speak to you. Whether it's an antique mirror, a retro lamp, or a quirky piece of furniture, vintage finds can infuse character and history into your home.

Annotate your bookshelf
A great joy for booklovers is having guests take a nosy at their collections. Make it easier for them to flick through all your favourite quotes and titbits by annotating your most beloved books with highlighters, sticky tabs, and homemade bookmarks.

DIY projects

Embrace your creative side by taking on some DIY projects. Hand-paint a mural on a bedroom wall, create custom shelving or craft unique decor items. The satisfaction of creating something with your own hands will make your home even more special.