Report a repair

Estate Agents in Belfast and South Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Often a tenant can resolve minor issues themselves

Please see below some handy guides to remedy minor issues in the property:

You must notify us of any repairs no matter how minor they may seem. Make sure that all repairs are reported in a timely manner.

Remember that an ignored repair may become a large project therefore subjecting you to a large expense.

Report a repair

Please be aware that all repairs will be prioritised and emergencies will be handled first. Please give as much information as possible when reporting the repair to help us diagnose the problem.

Please check you have entered all details correctly:

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We would ask that you take photos and videos to accompany the above form and upload here.

Alternatively, you can send these through at

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Repairs are categorised as follows:

Routine reparis

Minor repairs that do not require immediate attention.
e.g. internal door not closing properly, decorating issues, minor electrical faults

To be reported via email only to

We aim to complete these repairs in 28 working days

Urgent repairs

Important issues that need to be seen to quickly. E.g. broken kitchen appliances, minor leaks, broken window etc

To be reported Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 by phone on 028 90 747 300 or by email to

We aim to complete these repairs in 10 working days

Emergency repairs

Repair issues that are dangerous to tenants, occupiers of surrounding premises or public and will damage the property if not repaired immediately e.g. Major leaks, fires, break ins, dangerous electrical faults.

To be reported immediately by phone on 028 90 747 300 if between 09:00 - 17:00, Monday to Friday, or if outside these hours by email to

We will attend to these repairs ASAP and will repair or make safe within 24 hours

What happens next?

In the case of routine and urgent repairs our property manager or maintenance officer will contact you and arrange a date and time to access to property to complete the repair. In an emergency repair situation Property People will access the property to attend to the repair even if you are not present.