Are things looking up? 

The recent survey has recorded varying fluctutations within the property market of Northern Ireland and its different sub-markets, however its not all doom and gloom, with some of the statistics indicating growth and possibly even future stability of the property market in Northern Ireland. 

 From the fifteen sub-markets detailed in the report, Belfast is beginning to show signs of some small market recovery, with the average house price rising 8.6% on the previous quarter, to just under £160,000. Properties located in the East and West of the city correlate strongest with the NI average house price with prices in both areas around £140,000. In contrast to this however, South Belfast is continuing the trend of having the highest average price at £225,592. Property prices remain the lowest in North Belfast, averaging at £82,507. 

This recent survey will therefore be good news to many homeowners and investors alike. If you are interested in buying visit our website,, or give us a call!