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HMO office moves from NIHE to BCC

26th March 2019

Belfast City Council will now manage the delivery of the scheme on behalf of all local councils. This is no longer managed by the NIHE. All new HMO's must have planning permission and building control approval; an application will not be processed if the property does not have either of these approvals. Anyone considering developing a HMO or converting an existing property into a HMO must app...

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Top Tips on Securing Your First Mortgage

11th November 2016

Check out our top tips on securing your first mortgage. 1) Saving for your depositBefore starting to look for properties, you should decide on how much of a deposit you can save up. A general rule of thumb when starting to save for a deposit is to save 10% of your take home salary each month. Having regular savings each month will also look good when you apply for a mortgage, it shows you are ...

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Burglaries and You.

2nd November 2016

With just over 8 weeks until the big fat red man sneaks into your homes Don t let him be the only intruder in your house this festive season. Below are some helpful hints and tips to prevent this happening to you. Burglars want an easy entry, they try to nudge or push your windows and doors first If your front door or any other doors or windows are not not secure hire a professional J...

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Get Covered!!

24th October 2016

Ensure you re covered with the right type of insurance for your property for peace of mind when you need it most! It is important to ensure that you have protected your new abode by arranging the appropriate insurance cover there to protect you should the unthinkable happen to your home, possessions or both. There are different types of insurance available Building Insurance This would...

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Finding your perfect housemate, Is like searching for your soul mate.

14th October 2016

There's no tiptoeing around it - when it comes to housing, we're kind of screwed. Not only do new statistics suggest that home ownership has fallen to its lowest level for over two decades but UK rents are now the highest in Europe (Glamour magazine Uk) meaning we're more likely than ever to look for a housemate. But no one wants to find out down the line that they've shacked up with messy pa...

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